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Start Your Puppy's Training Early And Have Them Become A Fun Well Mannered Part Of The Family.

Were Here To Help! You Can Begin Your Sessions At Any Time.


 Take Your Training To The Next Level This Year With The AKC Canine Good Citizen Program...​(Open To Dogs Of All Breeds That Have Completed A Basic Obedience Course)    

Special Needs

Our highly trained staff has a deep and respectful love of animals. We understand that some of our guest's may have special needs. Please feel free to discuss any special requirements or concerns with us that your pet may have during their stay when you make your reservation. We will do everything in our power to make sure all of your pet's needs are taken care of and provided for in every way while in our care.

To minimize upset tummies, we recommend you bring your pet's regular diet and treats, providing us with only

the amount needed for the duration of your pets stay using large Ziploc style bags for freshness and storage while with us.

Please do not send large bins, plastic containers or 20 to 40 pound bags of food .

Each guest is gladly catered to their specific needs at no additional charge.

Our staff will administer oral and topical medications, vitamins, and supplements.

All medications and supplements shall be provided by the owner, clearly labeled with a written schedule of administration. Please be sure to include enough for your pets entire visit.

We want your pet to feel right at home and to look forward to staying with us from the moment they step into our front door. We offer a warm inviting atmosphere and our beautiful pet friendly grounds are designed to provide your special companion with a secure, clean and fun experience.

We are the perfect place to stay! Our experienced professional staff loves all animals and interacting with them on a one on one personal level.

We happily provide each of our guest's with individual love and attention, plenty of sunshine, fresh air, exercise, and green grass beneath their toes!

Grooming /Salon Services



Spring Group Obedience Classes: Saturday 10:00- 11:00 A.M. May  - June , 2019  

Fall Group Obedience Classes: Saturday 10:00- 11:00 A.M. August - Sept , 2019

Whether you are doing the group or private sessions, our clients can feel confident in the quality and consistency of our approach to training with an emphasis always put on it being not only effective but fun for you and your dog as well !

The basic obedience group class is designed for all dogs of any size, breed or mix, 5 months of age and older. We will be teaching you to train your dog by using today's more progressive, positive and motivational training techniques. Through a logical class progression (1 hour of  class weekly) plus home practice sessions over a period of 6 weeks you will learn to train your dog to do the following skills: Walk on a loose leash (without  pulling), Heel, Sit, Wait, Down, Stay, and Come When Called.

In addition we will help you replace your dogs unwanted behaviors with many new and positives skills, resulting in a more attentive, relaxed and happy companion!

Also included in this course is an introduction to the American Kennel Club's newest and most innovative program's: Canine Good Citizen  and Companion Rally Obedience.

Basic Obedience Skills - Establish yourself as leader of your pack while teaching your dog great skills you will usetogether everyday!

Intro To Canine Good Citizen Program - A fun way to build your dogs social skills and demonstrate good manners.

Companion Rally - A fun and exciting training game, with a focus on teamwork for the dog and handler while doing an on leash obedience course, where an enthusiastic attitude and a wagging tail are more important than precision!

All classes are held outdoors and weather permitting: any classes canceled by Oakwood  due to bad weather will be rescheduled.

All class participants are encouraged to dress in layers for warmth spring and fall, jeans and tennis shoes are recommended.

Do not feed your dog their afternoon or evening meal prior to attending class, a dog with an appetite is much more interested in working for treats. Do give your dog a brief walk and fresh water before the start of each class.

The following items should be brought to class weekly: Water, for you and your dog,  bowl, training collar, 6 foot leather leash, small soft treats, (medium towel for small breeds to sit on or be dried with if the dew comes up).

Premium Training Collars and Leather Leads are available for purchase at Oakwood, we will be happy to correctly fit the appropriate style and size collar for your dog. Please call us to set up a fitting appointment.

All fittings must be done prior to the start of group class dates or at your first private session .

​​               For More Information On Training Course Registration or To Book Private Training Sessions At

Oakwood Kennel LLC

​16746 Wells Rd. Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050

  Please Call Us at (740) 392- 6554 

 Canine Good Citizen Class & Certification : Spring thru Fall 2019  (Private 4 Week Mini Course)

Building A Lifetime Bond With Your Dog Through Positive Motivational Training

Vaccinations And Flea Prevention:

All pet's new to our facility coming in for Boarding, Grooming and Training at Oakwood must have written proof of current vaccinations and need to provide us with a copy of their current vaccine records from their veterinarian.

  • Canine Required Vaccine's: DHLPP, Rabies, Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • Feline Required Vaccine's: FVRPP and Rabies
  • All Dogs and Cat's should be on a monthly Flea Prevention Program year round
  • We offer Frontline Plus Flea and Tick treatments for a very competitive price

  • Housetraining
  • ​Chewing and Play Biting
  • ​Excessive Barking
  • Jumping Up
  • ​Unruly When Walking On A Leash
  • ​Socialization Skills

Please Call Us For More Information And Boarding Reservations:(740) 392-6554

You can rest easy when you have to be away! Oakwood Kennel will pamper your pet in a safe and loving environment

Our trainer will work one on one with you and your puppy on any issues you may currently be struggling with.

Your puppy will also work on how to come when called, pay attention to you, have good leash manners, to sit and down on command.

Salon Services

If you feel the classroom setting isn't right for you and your dog or you just really want to get started right away were here to help! 

Our experienced resident trainers can help you deal with specific training problems you may be having like housebreaking, dog behavioral and attention issues like pulling you on the leash, jumping on guest's and children or not coming when called.

You will  learn all the basic training skills you will need to navigate more smoothly through everyday life with a more calm, obedient and attentive dog.

We also offer basic obedience in a new "Mini Obedience Course" presented in a condensed format of 4 weeks Spring through Fall and covers the same curriculum as our group course.(Listed below.)

Canine Accommodations

In addition to numerous country walks daily through our beautiful meadow and 700 acre surrounding properties with our staff, all dogs may spend time in our spacious shade covered outdoor runs cushioned with rubber mats for some rousing playtime or just lounging the afternoon away (weather permitting). We always provide a great variety of today's most innovative toys for your dogs entertainment and enjoyment.

For a small additional fee, ($10 per session) individual one on one play times with our staff can be reserved for your pet for one or all of  the days your pet will be residing with us.

Canine guests will enjoy their overnight stay's in our cozy climate controlled (70 degrees year round) indoor only  accommodations.

Veterinarians and animal behaviorist alike have educated us to the fact that all dogs are den animals by nature. It is why we see them under the table or wedged in next to the couch or seeking out the comforts of their own crate or den when they are at home. Canines of all breeds instinctively prefer an enclosed space for sleeping and rest where they can observe out the front. As such, after a full day of  activities, several  country walks with our staff, outdoor play and lounging in our spacious runs, and some one on one playtime at your request, we knowingly provide your companion with a restful secure sleeping environment equivalent to what owners provide for them at home making the transition to boarding absolutely seamless and stress free.

Our spacious dens (the largest in the industry, that will comfortably house a Great Dane) all have custom made thick orthopedic mats for maximum comfort and to cushion sensitive skin and joints. We also provide thick spa towels and a super soft fuzzy for comfort and security, all of our guest's linens are changed daily.

We encourage you to send along your pets favorite toys, antler chew, nylabone's and treats (no rawhide please).

For your peace of mind and ours we have full time staff residing on the property and all guest's are carefully monitored 24/7.

We focus on providing superior care and personalized attention to each and every one of our guest's and we work hard to promote a fun and active environment.

Diligent cleansing and sanitation of all pet areas is standard daily practice at Oakwood in order to keep all areas spotless, disinfected and "Flea Free".

For the health and well being of all of our clients, pet guest's and staff we maintain a Smoke Free facility and grounds.

Our facility utilizes as many of  today's  "green" sanitation methods as possible including the use of many non toxic natural products in addition to today's latest broad spectrum technology powerful disinfectants. It is important to us to maintain the good health of your pet and to help preserve the earth.

Your pets health and emotional well being is always our number one priority.

Boarding for all breeds of dogs and cats is $25.00 per night. (There is no charge for the day your pet goes home.)   

Extra playtime is $10 per 15 minute session. You may schedule as many as you like during your pets stay.


​                      All Male Dogs Over The Age Of One Year Must Be Neutered


​​​​​ 2019 Spring And Fall Obedience Training Dates To Be Announced!

Oakwood Kennel LLC   (740) 392 6554

​If you want to start training your dog right away and you want to work in one on one personal training sessions with our trainer we will provide a program tailored just for you and your dog where you can ask questions, and receive help in solving the everyday issues you may be struggling with. 

​This course contains all of the lessons and skills offered in the above Basic Group Obedience classes in a clear condensed time frame of 4 consecutive private sessions (one hour per week for 4 weeks) and you may start your training sessions at any time spring through fall!

​                      Call us for more information and to schedule your sessions today!

Feline Accommodations

We Welcome All Cats!

Your kitty will enjoy our spacious 2 story "Condo's"  with all the amenities a feline could wish for including a view to the outdoors to enjoy some morning bird watching or taking an afternoon snooze in the sun in a soft fleece bed, lots of TLC and one on one playtime and cuddling with the staff, organic catnip and premium treats, as well as litter box service 4 times daily.

For a stress free stay our kitty guest's spaces are separate from the dogs accommodations.

Private Basic Obedience 4 Week Mini Course For Dogs: $200.00 ( For dogs 5 months and older) 

This course is a natural next step in your dog's training after completing the Basic Obedience Course. It also acts as a stepping stone for those wishing to go on to other canine sports such as Agility, Rally, or Competitive Obedience.

No matter if you are just wanting to have the most Awesome Dog Ever... or working toward your Therapy Dog Certification this course will empower you and your dog with the all necessary skills needed! 

Private Obedience Training : (For All Puppies And Dogs) Single Session  ($ 60.00 per hour )

Diet And Medications

All Boarding Is By Reservation / Grooming Services Are By Appointment Only
Please Call Us At: (740) 392- 6554

    Grooming, Boarding & Training Reimagined...

    Private Puppy Training 4 Week Mini Course: $200.00 (For younger  puppies 8 to 22 weeks)

    Group Basic Obedience: ( $200.00 for the 6 week course)

    ​  For more information and registration please call us at (740) 392 6554


    ​​​​AKC 4 Week Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Class And Certification Course: $200.00 (All inclusive training and certification )

    Some  of the topic's addressed in these private sessions for younger puppies are:

    Our Hydrosurge  offers superior bathing technology which fuses water, shampoo and air to create a relaxing whirlpool massage for your pet and enhances the effectiveness of our luxury shampoos, and conditioners providing excellent cleansing which penetrates an animals hair coat right down to the skin and safely breaks up oils, removes all of the dirt, and dry flakey skin leaving your pet feeling great and squeaky clean!

     All of the following are included with every grooming:

    • Hydrosurge Bath/ Luxury Conditioner
    • Ear Cleaning and Nail Trimming
    • Hi Tech Drying (Our dryers continuously monitor temperatures surrounding the pet for safety and comfort)
    • Sanitary Cut
    • Hand Scissoring/ Styling
    • Seasonal Bow/ Cologne

    Pet Care Professionals

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    At Oakwood we are committed to making your pet look and feel their best!

    Our experienced attentive, caring team of grooming staff is led by an expert professional groomer of over 20 years experience working in the field.

    We are known for our high standard of excellence, expert scissor styling, and attention to detail in every element of the services we deliver.

    Grooming is more than just a "Beauty Session " for your pet, regular professional grooming can help prevent, manage and solve some of the most common issues pet owners may struggle with such as dry skin, excessive shedding, long nails, and painful unsightly mats. Pets of every size, breed and age will benefit from regular professional grooming.

    Our State Of The Art Grooming Salon is equipped with the newest technology in equipment.

    We use only luxury shampoos and premium grooming products for superior results.

         Private Sessions Available Spring through Fall / Starting April 1st, 2019 And Run Through October 31st.

    The AKC Canine Good Citizen Course has long been regarded as the gold standard in dog behavior and socialization training.

    The format we use is both fun and engaging. At the same time taking you and your dog's training and skills to the next level beyond basic with the focus being on consistency, good manners and socialization

    A few of the skills covered will be:

    •  Accepting A Friendly Stranger
    • Sitting Politely For Petting
    • Walking Through A Crowd On A Loose Lead
    • Appropriate Reaction To Distraction
    • Extended Sit And Down Stay On A 20 Foot Line
    • ​Canine Socialization Skills

    Medical Care

    The health and safety of  our guests is our number one priority. We are situated within close proximity to our Veterinarian and consult with him on a regular basis in order to stay current with today's companion animal concerns and to continuously update our policies enabling us to to provide the best care possible. All of our pet guests medical records, personality and preference profiles, and special needs are carefully recorded to ensure a safe and healthful visit.